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Who is Jess Quinn? Jess is a Popular New Zelandic Amputee Model. She is famous for her Digital creations based on Instagram/TikTok/and YouTube platforms. She wrote an inspirational memoir about losing her leg to cancer when she was nine years old and how she grew to accept it and changed it into a mission to help others.

Jess Quinn Biography/Wiki

Amputee celebrity Jess Quinn was born in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1992. She’s a famous person on the internet, known for being an Amputee model.

Instagram Star Jess Quinn Image
Instagram Star Jess Quinn Image

Many people like and follow her on Instagram, and TikTok. She regularly shares her attractive and impressive photos and videos, often showing her reactions and lifestyle.

Jess Quinn Parents & Family Data: She was born and raised in an Auckland and Zealandic family. Her mother’s, father’s, and brother’s names have not been found, yet she does have an older sister named Unkbown.

Education & Training: She completed elementary school, high school & university in Auckland. She finished her graduation from the University of Auckland.

Jess Quinn Age, Height & Body Info

How old is Jess Quinn, the TikTok, Youtuber, and Instagram sensation, What are her height, weight, and body measurements? Check out below.

Age 32 years old
Weight 52 Kg (114 Ibs)
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170.18 centimeters (cm))
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physique Average
Body Measurement 36-27-35 In
Voice type Alto/Soprano

Jess Quinn’s Husband & Boyfriend

Jess’s fans really want to know about her personal life, like who she’s dating or if she’s married. In this part, we’ll talk about Jess’s boyfriend and husband.

They met each other before marriage, they were in a long-term relationship to understand each other. They have dated and traveled several times which has also been published in news/magazines.

Amputee Jess Quinn Weeding Image
Weeding Image

Based on what’s on her Instagram page, it seems she’s currently Married. Jess Quinn’s Husband’s name is Todd. Their engagement is on DEC 18, 2022 on an island, and she got married on 28 April 2023.

Jess Quinn Net Worth

What is Jess Quinn’s net worth? What is an Amputee model and internet celebrity? Jess’s monthly income, how many residences she owns how much she owes, and what is her net worth? Her fans also look up her lifestyle on Google/Bing.

However, no precise information concerning this has been released on the magazine’s news or blog site. However, based on her lifestyle, work, and behaviors, her net worth as of 2023 might be estimated to be between $200K – $800K, and she may own a private automobile and a house.

Her main sources of revenue include sponsorship, advertising networks, modeling, and donations. If her career trajectory continues, she might be worth $1 million in 2024.

Jess Quinn Age/Biography

As of 2023, there’s no Wikipedia page for Jess Quinn. Our writer has tried to add her information to the site, but the page still hasn’t been created.

Amputee Model Jess Quinn Biography & Wikipedia
Full Name Jess Quinn
Known As Jess
Date of Birth 1992
Age 32 years old
Birthplace Auckland, New Zealand
Profession TikTok Star, Instagram Star, YouTuber, Streamer, Model
Nationality New Zealand
Ethnicity White | Caucasian
Religion N/A
Parents, Family, and Relatives
Father Not Found
Mother Not Found
Sister Not Found
Brother Not Found
Half-Siblings Not Found
Marital Status Affairs, Dating
Marital Status Married
Boyfriend & Husband Todd
Son Not Found
Daughter Not Found
Favorites Things
Favorite Movie/Drama/Song N/A
Favorite Actor Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Dwayne Jhonson, Jeffrey Wright, Sam Neill
Favorite Actress Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Debicki, Florence Pugh, Gal Gadot
Favorite Food Dessert Pies, Donuts, Pizza
Favorite Color White, Blue, and Black
Hobbies Videography, Modeling, travel
Direct Contact Details
Home Address Will Update
Office Address Will Update
Email N/A
Number Will Update
Website URL

Jess Quinn Story

Jess Quinn story is one of the most popular of Amputee (NZ). At the age of nine, he faced a life-changing challenge when he lost her leg to cancer. Today, at the age of 32 years, she is a fashion school graduate, a social media influencer, a blogger, and a brand ambassador living in Auckland.

Amputee Jess Quinn Image

Her journey began with a clearly innocent incident in her backyard. Playing with her older sister, she tried to balance a soccer ball. Unfortunately, she loses her footing, hears a snap, and falls to the ground in excruciating pain. Initially diagnosed with a broken femur, Jess endured six weeks in a plaster cast in a bid to return to her active life.

However, the slow healing of her leg prompted a series of tests that uncovered a terrifying truth – a tumor had invaded her femur, causing the fracture. The cancer had already advanced significantly, and the risk of it spreading was alarmingly high. She quickly entered the terrifying world of chemotherapy, facing the painful reality of her condition.

Despite her young age, Jess has faced challenges with remarkable resilience. For her, the daily struggles were more about enduring the discomfort of treatment than fully understanding the gravity of her situation. Her parents, on the other hand, grappled with the harsh reality of their daughter’s war.

Jess’s treatment options were limited, with the choice between complete disarticulation or a rare surgery known as rotationplasty. The latter was an unorthodox approach that she bravely chose, becoming one of New Zealand’s first successful cases.

Amputee Jess Quinn Engagement Image
Amputee Jess Engagement Image

After her surgery, Jess spent a significant amount of time in the ICU. Once her immune system regained strength, she started chemotherapy again. Christmas Day 2001 marked a critical juncture, as her immune system reached a dangerous low.

However, she has gradually improved, and the cancer seems to have retreated. The last day of her chemotherapy was celebrated as a significant milestone, although the road to recovery was not uneventful.

The prospect of getting her first artificial leg brought great excitement. Surprisingly, it arrived earlier than expected and Jess, in her youthful innocence, greeted it with enthusiasm. She navigated the transition from crutches to prosthetics, a journey marked by constant adjustments and frequent blisters.

Throughout her school years, Jess refuses to be treated differently. her colleagues showed an abundance of generosity, perhaps more than she needed. However, the absence of her legs from sports and physical activity makes her heavier.

It wasn’t until college that she began to explore her athletic potential, trying netball and other sports. Despite her talent, she often found herself assigned to low-level teams, forcing her to eventually give up certain pursuits.

The turning point came when she discovered her love for the gym. There, she can explore her abilities without the constraints of team sports. Her decision led her to acquire an artificial blade, opening up a world of possibilities. Guided by an instructor, he embarked on a six-month journey to master the blade’s unique running motion.

Despite initial nervousness, Jess found that the Blade prosthesis freed her from the need to hide her limb differences. She embraced it as a part of herself, no longer hiding behind a mask. The newfound independence and self-assurance were evident as he trained with her blade, even jogging to fill her water bottle during workouts.

Adolescence brought a deeper sense of her body image and the lasting effects of her amputation. For eight years, she shied away from wearing anything shorter than knee-length, even in a climate as tumultuous as Fiji. She grappled with physical differences in her thigh area, resorting to wrapping T-shirts, socks, and jumpers to create a thigh-high look.

A pivotal moment came when a friend encouraged her to wear a pair of shorts. Despite initial nervousness, she felt a deep sense of freedom that marked a turning point in her confidence. She started wearing whatever she wanted, embracing her personality.

The introduction of her blade prosthetic initially brought fear, but it eventually empowered her to fully embrace herself and her insecurities. Others’ reactions shifted from curiosity to respect.

Jess has become a beacon of inspiration for many through her social media presence. Messages pour in from people facing their own challenges, whether they’re marathon runners looking for inspiration or struggling with everyday insecurities. She recognized the impact of Jess Quinn Story and the hope it brought to others.

Reflecting on her journey, Jess acknowledges the unique perspective she gained in the face of adversity at a young age. She attributes her resilience to her childhood openness about her experiences. Although she initially struggled to grasp the label “inspirational,” she eventually embraced it after realizing the positive impact she had on others.

On her daily prosthetic leg, Jess blends seamlessly into the world, her limp the only subtle reminder of her travels. Within her prosthetic blade, she emerges as an empowered athlete, fully embracing her unique abilities. Her swimmer’s legs, torn from an attempt to imitate a natural leg, stand as a testament to her creativity and individuality.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How old is Jess Quinn?
A: 32 years old.

Q: What are Jess’s body measurements?
A: 36-27-35 In.

Q: What is Jess Quinn’s Husband’s name?
A: Her husband’s name is Todd.

Q: What is Jess Quinn’s net worth?
A: Estimated net worth is $200K – $800K (approx).

Jess Quinn TikTok/Instagram & Other Profiles URL

Facebook Facebook
Instagram Instagram
Twitter Twitter
YouTube YouTube
TikTok TikTok
Behance Behance
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Secret Facts
  • Jess Quinn (Amputee), has 250K Instagram followers, her profile is verified, and her username (@jessicaemilyquinn).
  • Jess Quinn TikTok username (@jessicaemilyquinn), her TikTok profile is verified, her number of Followers is 943K, and her Likes 28.6M.
  • As of Sep 2023, she is pregnant, (shared baby bump photo on Instagram).
  • He sells his own life story and writes books on various platforms.
  • Athletics/Sports: Running, Yoga, Swimming, Field track
  • Profession: Digital Content Creator
  • Language: English



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