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KamuiCosplay (Kamui Cosplay) is a German-born globally renowned content and costume creator, author, teacher, and popular YouTuber. She is best known for her armor projects from World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft.

YouTuber KamuiCosplay Image
YouTuber KamuiCosplay Image

KamuiCosplay Biography | Wiki

KamuiCosplay,(Kamui Cosplay) also known as Svetlana Quindt, was born on February 8, 1986, in Germany but currently resides in Portugal. She considers herself a white, Russian, and Eastern European female, and her Aquarius zodiac sign reflects her adventurous and creative spirit. Her real name is Svetlana Quindt and her nickname is Kamui.

Kamui Cosplay With Cosplay Costume
Kamui With Cosplay Costume

With years of experience and an insatiable drive to embark on further projects, Kamui and her husband Benjamin have designed numerous award-winning costumes. They’ve also created instructional books, popular video tutorials, and crafting prints that have become an ideal guide for newbies and seasoned cosplayers alike, flooding the internet.

She takes pleasure in passing on her knowledge, tactics, and experience to the world, always seeking fresh ways to support fellow cosplayers. With a social media audience of more than 1.5 million followers, her amusing and motivational content draws admirers from all around the globe.

Moreover, the Kamui brand has grown to become one of the premier crafting groups on Facebook, with a membership of over 16,000 and passionate contributors who are ever willing to lend a hand and offer advice. Given how much support she gives to the community every day, Kamui is widely respected and regarded.

Kamui Cosplay Best Image
Kamui Cosplay Best Image

As a highly sought-after cosplay guest at conventions and other events worldwide, she conducts workshops, Q&As, and crafting panels. Still, she continues to do what she loves: designing what she finds appealing and assisting others. Her passion and devotion to her work make her admired by all.

KamuiCosplay’s Parents and Family: Her parents’ identities are unknown at the moment, and she has not divulged their names. It is unknown who her siblings are, and their identities were unknown at the time this account was created.

Educational & Training Details: She attended university and majored in technical journalism.

KamuiCosplay Age, Height, Physic Info

 Instagram star Kamui’s age, height, weight, and body type are topics of interest among her followers. Below is a detailed description of her age and related information.

Age 38 years Old
Weight 55Kg (121 Ibs)
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches (1.73M)
Hair Color Honey Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physique Slim
Body Measurement 36-27-35 In
Voice type N/A

KamuiCosplay Husband info 

KamuiCosplay, the well-known cosplayer, is a married woman. KamuiCosplay’s husband’s name is Benjamin Schwarz.  He hails from Germany and is a professional costume designer. In essence, Kamui and Benjamin work as a team to create stunning, awe-inspiring costumes.

Kamui Cosplay's Image With Her Husband
Kamui Cosplay’s Image With Her Husband

Benjamin is the other half of the team, assisting Kamui with the costume-making process. This partnership has strengthened their bond, both personally and professionally, over the years.

As an expert in costuming, Benjamin’s expertise has been critical in contributing to Kamui’s work. His experience in design has been invaluable in bringing Kamui’s visions to life. Working as a duo, she and Benjamin’s creations have taken the internet by storm, making them well-known in the cosplaying world.

The couple’s relationship is not merely professional, but also personal, as they are affectionate and supportive of each other. Benjamin’s role as her husband adds a deeper dimension to their professional collaboration. In addition, their closeness helps to ensure that there is coherence and finesse in their work.

TikTok Star KamuiCosplay Image
TikTok Star KamuiCosplay Image

The couple’s collaboration has led them to achieve significant achievements in their field, making her one of the most sought-after cosplayers in the world. The duo’s relationship and their mastery of the artistry of costuming have made them beloved figures in the cosplay and gaming communities alike. As a result, they have become an inspiration to many aspiring cosplayers.

KamuiCosplay Net Worth

What is  KamuiCosplay’s (Real name Svetlana Quindt) Net Worth? As a professional race car driver and notable figure on social media, there is a lot of interest in her overall worth, including her income, property ownership, financial responsibilities, and overall net worth. Given the widespread fascination with her charming lifestyle, it’s unsurprising that there is keen attention on Kamui’s financial situation.

Kamui Cosplay Got YouTube Gold Play Button
Kamui Cosplay Got YouTube Gold Play Button

Although there are no official reports on her finances in any publications, Kamui’s lavish lifestyle, professional accomplishments, and travel experiences indicate that her net worth could reach between $500K – $2M USD by 2023.

Her primary sources of income include partnerships, costume creation, advertising, training, modeling, donations, and blogging. If she continues to excel in these areas, there is potential that her net worth could reach over $10 million USD by 2024.

KamuiCosplay Biography | Wiki

As of 2023, there’s no Wikipedia page for KamuiCosplay. Our writer has tried to add her information to the site, but the page still hasn’t been created.

KamuiCosplay  Wikipedia & Biography
Full Name Kamui Cosplay /Svetlana Quindt
Known As KamuiCosplay 
Date of Birth 8 February 1986
Age 38 years old
Birthplace German, Portugal (Current live )
Profession Acclaimed Costume and Content Creator, Author, Teacher, Instagram, YouTube, Digital Content Creator
Nationality Germany
Ethnicity White Mixed | Middle Eastern
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Religion N/A
Parents, Family, and Relatives
Father Not Found
Mother Not Found
Sister Not Found
Brother Not Found
Half-Siblings Not Found
Marital Status Affairs, Dating
Marital Status Married
Boyfriend & Husband Benjamin Schwarz
Son Not Found
Daughter Not Found
Favorites Things
Favorite Movie/Drama/Song N/A
Favorite Actor Serkan Çayoğlu, Alexander Dreymon, Matthias Schweighofer, Louis Hofmann
Favorite Actress Fahriye Evcen Özçivit, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Uzerli, Toni Garrn
Favorite Food N/A
Favorite Color White, Blue, and Black
Hobbies Traveling
Direct Contact Details
Home Address Will Update
Office Address Will Update
Email Will Update
Number Will Update
Website URL

KamuiCosplay Career

She is an internationally recognized content creator, teacher, author, and YouTuber from Germany, renowned for her innovative costume designs. Kamui, along with her husband Benni, has won numerous awards in the cosplay industry and authored a series of coveted instructional books, crafting patterns, and video tutorials on her blog.

KamuiCosplay Height
Recent Image

As a technical journalism graduate, she was commissioned by Intel and Newegg to create two costumes for their booth at 2013 Blizzcon, which marked the inception of her professional career.

Since then, she has consistently worked as a costume and prop maker and is renowned for her innovative armor projects from popular games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft.

KamuiCosplay Headshot Photo
KamuiCosplay Headshot Photo

She is not just a solo player; she is part of a cosplay team that includes her husband, Benjamin Schwarz. Together, they make a formidable duo in creating some of the best costumes in the industry.

Her passion for sharing her knowledge is reflected in her writings, which include tutorial books such as The Book of Cosplay Armor Making and The Book of Prop Making, and DIY crafting patterns sold on her website. She also runs an incredibly popular YouTube channel that features video tutorials, DIY tips and tricks, and showcases her newest costume creations.

Instagram Star KamuiCosplay Image
Instagram Star KamuiCosplay Image

Her reputation as a consummate professional and an industry leader has won her several accolades, including the Grand Prize at Blizzcon in 2013.

She has since traveled worldwide as a cosplay guest, conducting workshops, Q&As, and crafting panels.


Youtube Video

She is not one to rest on her laurels, however, and continues to inspire and help others within the cosplay community. With more than 1.5 million social media followers and over 16,000 members in her cosplay community, she is well respected for her support and advice.

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1. Who is KamuiCosplay?

  • She is a German-born internet content and costume creator, author, teacher, and popular YouTuber.

2. What is KamuiCosplay best known for?

  • She is best known for her armor projects from World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft.

3. What is KamuiCosplay’s real name?

  • KamuiCosplay’s real name is Svetlana Quindt.

4. When was KamuiCosplay born?

  • She was born on February 8, 1986.

5. Where is KamuiCosplay from?

  • She is from Germany but currently resides in Portugal.

6. What is KamuiCosplay’s nationality?

  • Her nationality is German.

7. What is KamuiCosplay’s zodiac sign?

  • Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

8. What is the name of KamuiCosplay’s husband?

  • Her husband is Benjamin Schwarz.

9. What does KamuiCosplay’s husband do for a living?

  • Her husband is a costume designer.

10. What does KamuiCosplay’s husband help her within her work?

  • Her husband assists her with the costume-making process.

11. What did KamuiCosplay study in university?

  • She studied technical journalism at university.

12. What is KamuiCosplay’s net worth?

  • Her net worth between$500K – $2M USD.

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  • Athletics/Sports: Running, Yoga, Swimming, Fitness Vibe, Sword Fight, Martial Combat
  • Profession: Digital Content Creator, Cosplay Artist, Costume Design
  • Language: Portuguese, German, English

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